JGES in Carolina Parent Magazine!

JGES in Carolina Parent Magazine!

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Numerous studies suggest that physically active students perform better in school. So how do you get kids to be more active during the school day? Teachers and administrators at Jeffreys Grove Elementary School in Raleigh get students moving and grooving with a program called Jammin’ Minutes. Parent Sandra McBride, a member of the school’s Wellness Committee, has helped students produce their own 5-minute exercise videos, which are then broadcast to the whole school.

“The kids start jumping around as soon as they see me at the school with my low-tech camera,” McBride says.

The kids choose five exercises. Favorites include sky reaches, lunges and ski jumps. The videos end with a healthy tip — like the school mascot coming on to encourage students to choose a one-ingredient snack (such as an apple), as opposed to something with a list of 27 unrecognizable ingredients (such as potato chips). Participation is strong.

“If kids see other kids doing it, they’ll do it,” McBride says.

The Jeffreys Grove staff hopes Jammin’ Minutes will help them win their first “Brains and Bodies” award from Advocates for Health in Action, a collaboration of organizations working to increase access to healthy eating and exercise in Wake County that annually recognizes schools striving for a culture of wellness.

“We’ve definitely seen an increased awareness of health and wellness,” says Michele McKinley, AHA’s project coordinator. Past award winners set the bar high.